• 2018 Printers Row Lit Fest Volunteer Application

    Thank you for volunteering to be a part of Printers Row Lit Fest! Please complete the form below.
  • Volunteer Roles

    Review the role descriptions below, and then indicate your top 3 choices in order of preference:
  • AUTHOR ESCORT – The main responsibility of the Author Escort is to ensure the Author arrives at their programming safely and on time. In addition, the Escort should be able to answer questions for the Author and assist them during and after their program as needed. Author Escorts should be friendly, professional and able to walk around the event multiple times.
  • STAGE COORDINATOR – The Stage Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that each program on their schedule starts/ends on time and runs smoothly. With the support of other volunteers, the Stage Coordinator will manage the room, including the flow of attendees and the stage setup. The Stage Coordinator also gives a brief announcement at the beginning and end of each program.
  • PROGRAM AND VENUE SUPPORT – There are many moving parts in each venue and program. Program and Venue Support consists of greeting Fest attendees and answering questions, collecting tickets for programs, helping lines move smoothly, assisting with book signings, and working with other volunteers to ensure that each Fest attendee enjoys their experience.
  • GREETER/INFORMATION BOOTH – This is your chance to be a friendly, outgoing volunteer that is not shy to speak up and say, "Can I Help You?" You will be welcoming people, directly attendees to the various programming rooms, helping answer questions about author check-in, volunteer check-in, and scheduling and general festival questions.
  • LIL LIT PARK (CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING) – Each year Lit Fest has specific programming for children and their families, including activities like face painting and crafts. Volunteers in this area will be making sure activities are accessible and running smoothly.