Photographing Chicago Violence: Featuring 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner Photographer E. Jason Wambsgams in conversation with Mary Schmich; Introduced by Mark Jacob

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Saturday, June 10, 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Jones College Prep/South Auditorium

Mary Schmich

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Mary Schmich (Interviewer)

Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for commentary. A collection of her columns has been released as a book, “Even the Terrible Things Seem Beautiful to Me Now.” Her most famous column, loosely known as “Wear Sunscreen” has been a bestselling book and CD.

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E. Jason Wambsgans

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E. Jason Wambsgans

E. Jason Wambsgans has been a staff photographer at the Chicago Tribune since 2002, covering a wide range of news and feature assignments. Wambsgans has spent the last four years intensively documenting the problem of Chicago’s gun violence. He was awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography.

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Mark Jacob

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Mark Jacob (Introducer)

Mark Jacob, the Chicago Tribune's metro editor, is the co-author of books on photography, baseball, Chicago history, and the American Revolution. He created the Tribune's popular "10 Things You Might Not Know" trivia feature. Jacob co-wrote "Treacherous Beauty," the first biography of Peggy Shippen, Benedict Arnold's wife and co-conspirator.

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